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New Covid-19 measures in place

For the foreseeable future we will be operating by tables. This is to ensure that every 'bubble booking' has a safe place for them to base themselves whilst in the session. Whilst we are having to run at significantly reduced capacity we have had to increase the cost of a session to £7.  The prices for the tables are below, and these include the usual FREE adult place

  • Table for 6 people £28 (2 adults & 4 children)

  • Table for 6 people £21 (3 adults & 3 children)

  • Table for 4 people £21 (1 adult & 3 children)

  • Table for 4 people £14 (2 adults & 2 children)

  • Table for 3 people £14

  • Table for 2 people £7

We understand that this booking method is not for everyone and we really hope that this is only temporary. We've spent days trying to work out the best way to balance the flexibility of bookings v's how to keep everyone safely separated and as the safety of everyone remains our number 1 priority this is what we need to do. This will be on a trial basis as this is a new way of working for us too. Like for many these are tough times and unfortunately if we can not make this work we may need to close our doors. We are running at significantly reduced capacity.